SARC Services

SARC Support Services

At Key Forensic Services, we understand the importance of providing open access services to help victims in the aftermath of sexual assault and abuse. As such, the services we offer you will ensure your facility delivers to the required standards. We will help you continue to deliver service of the highest quality, incorporating UKAS standards and compliance with the Forensic Science Regulator (FSR) codes of practice.

Supporting those who need us most

Our highly experienced team will be here to assist you as you develop and maintain your individual services. We will support your local community, allowing you to focus on the provision of care to those who need you most.

As a provider in a highly regulated industry, we will support you and your team in obtaining ISO15189:2012 accreditation for your SARC facility, and demonstrating ongoing compliance. We understand the challenges associated with not only achieving accreditation, but also continuously maintaining the high standards your achievement demands.

Our experts help you with reliable and robust services such as:

  • ISO17025 accredited environmental monitoring programme
  • Quality control testing of consumables
  • Assistance with validation/verification work
  • Processing staff elimination samples
  • Consultancy
  • These elements are fundamental in demonstrating that your facility offers high-quality services accredited by UKAS and expected by the Forensic Science Regulator, your care professionals and, of course, your clients.

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    Please fee free to contact our team via or 01953 666910 and we’ll get you started!