SARC Services

Gender Pay Gap Report

April 2024

Key Forensic Services employed 220 people at the time the data was required to be gathered for the Gender Pay Gap Report.

Whilst this report only focuses on pay differences between males and females, the company is committed to giving everyone – people of all genders and backgrounds – the opportunity to participate, unlock their full potential and succeed.

KFS data for the snapshot date of 5 April 2023:

63% of our staff are female

Our average mean gender pay gap is 20%

The mean Gender Pay Gap shows the difference in the hourly rate of pay between men and women in the company. On average men are paid 20% more than women at KFS.

37% of our staff are male

Our average median gender pay gap is 4%*

If all company employees were lined up in a female line and a male line, in order ofa pay from highest to lowest, the median gender pay gap compares the pay of the female in the middle of their line and the pay of the middle male.

*UK national average is 14.3% according to the Office For National Statistics April 2023

Percentage of men and women in each hourly paid quarter

Band % of Males % of Females
Lower quartile 42 58
Lower middle quartile 25 75
Upper middle quartile 49 51
Upper quartile 31 69


Summary statement from Key Forensic Services’ Executive Managing Director

Our approach to pay is intentionally gender neutral. Our analysis shows that our pay gap is driven by the structure of our workforce.

Overall KFS employs more women in entry level roles and first supervisory level roles than males, which has a major effect on the difference between male and female pay. The other factor that affects the Upper Quartile of pay is the array of roles within this band.

These roles have a wide range of required skills, capability and experience, together with differing levels of accountabilities and breadth within the role.

The company is committed to treating all staff on their individual merit, regardless of their background, gender or personal circumstances. We will continue to grow all our employees in their chosen career paths through career discussions, personal development plans and training programmes.

KFS is committed to gender neutral pay no matter how many hours or what working arrangements are in place for all our employees. We operate a flexible working policy which is available to all employees. We will continue to encourage all employees to make requests for flexible working and accommodate those requests when it is operationally viable to do so. We are committed to paying part time employees the same equivalent salary to full timers.

We have a consistent approach to remuneration aimed at ensuring all employees are paid fairly. KFS has a pay committee, which consists of both male and female members, which meets when required to discuss potential salary uplifts for employees.

The company is committed to promoting internally and can demonstrate several examples where females have been promoted into senior management roles. We are dedicated to continuing this approach.

KFS will continue to monitor the Gender Pay Gap and commits to ensuring that the approach to pay remains gender neutral.

We confirm that Key Forensic Services is committed to gender pay equality and has prepared its gender pay gap results in line with mandatory requirements.

Signed on behalf of KFS Executive Board:

Des Vanhinsbergh
Chief Operating Officer