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Quality Forensic Testing Services

Key Forensic Services has the best people in place to provide a range of quality forensic testing services. Designed by our scientists to support forensic professionals around the world.

Environmental testing, quality control testing & proficiency trials

Who better to design forensic testing services than forensic scientists themselves? Our Key Forensic Services experts will provide you with a wide range of quality services, including environmental testing, quality control testing and quality assurance tests (proficiency trials).

These tests support the activities undertaken by police forces, manufacturers or suppliers, who are required to demonstrate that their proficiency testing programs are strong and robust.

KFS offers an environmental testing service which fits with individual customers’ requirements to assure cleaning regimes are both effective and appropriate. Periodical environmental monitoring is vital when maintaining a DNA clean operating environment. This process demonstrates the effectiveness of cleaning regimes in minimising the potential for DNA contamination.
KFS offers quality control testing which is adaptable to consumables utilised by the customer. Quality control testing is vital in minimising the risk of human DNA contamination in consumables used in the recovery and processing of DNA samples. We also offer the option to spike swabs with a defined amount of DNA for post-production treatment.
KFS offer items seeded with known type and amount of material (for example saliva or blood) which are submitted to customers to be examined within their evidence recovery units. Once examined, the samples will be processed in accordance with KFS’ standard operating procedures. The results will be assessed against the expected outcomes and fed back to the customer.