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Why Key Forensic Services is rewarding our loyal and long-serving staff

Employee Benefits


Key Forensic Services is today (February 1) launching our Long Service Awards for all members of staff within the company.

Our employees, when they reach a significant milestone and providing they are eligible under the given criteria, can now earn extra days to their holiday account, as well as other additional rewards.

This is the latest in a number of initiatives the company has introduced to recognise and appreciate the commitment of our employees.

In the past 12 months, KFS has launched benefit and reward schemes such as employee discounts, cycle to work, car benefit scheme and employee of the month.

Our new Long Service Awards, which complements those schemes already in place, will focus on rewarding the contribution and loyalty of employees when they reach a long service anniversary, regardless of the area of business in which they work, and regardless of role or status.

The rewards available for long service will include additional holiday days, with additional awards such as a £50 voucher; a meal with family up to the value of £150; a night away up to the value of £300; or a £500 gift voucher.

As a company, we want to make sure the commitment of our staff is appreciated and suitably rewarded.

KFS HR Director Janet Hulme said: “We want to demonstrate to our staff that we value their loyalty. Everyone has a choice of which company they work for, and we are delighted that so many of our employees choose to stay at KFS for significant periods of time.

“This is our way of saying thank you to those members of staff.

“It is also a fantastic addition to the wide range of benefits we already offer to all our employees.”


How will the Long Service Awards work?

Our HR information system will automatically monitor the service of all employees and will notify them when they have reached an appropriate milestone of continuous service.

All employees will be awarded a certificate via their Line Manager, and HR will maintain records of milestones achieved.

There will also be a regular monthly roll of honour, congratulating employees by name and milestones reached.

Long service will be rewarded at set anniversaries and will take the form of additional annual leave days and various monetary awards depending on length of serviced reached.