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KFS provides Environmental Monitoring and quality assurance tests in the form of Proficiency Testing (PT) Schemes to support the activities undertaken within a police force.

These trials consist of seeded items being submitted to a force for them to carry out an examination, the result of which is subsequently submitted back to KFS for analysis.

The expectation from the trial will be that the participating force can recover the evidence and submit it to KFS in a timely manner. The analysis should show that as much as possible of the evidence submitted has been recovered and that any anti-contamination steps required for the particular evidence type have been taken by the force.

Environmental Monitoring

Periodic environmental monitoring should be carried out in laboratories requiring a DNA-free environment to ensure that there is no occurrance of accidental contamination. In addition, this monitoring serves to demonstrate that the cleaning regime and procedure is effective.

We are able to offer a full Environmental Monitoring service in accordance with a customer’s operational requirements and associated level of risk.

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