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18 December 15

Surveillance Camera Commissioner Annual Report

The Surveillance Camera Commissioner issued his second annual report, making some interesting suggestions and recommendations for CCTV and video surveillance for the coming year.

Tony Porter suggests that police forces need to improve work on the use of automatic number plate recognition cameras, body worn video and automatic facial recognition technology. This is proof that the importance of video footage and image evidence is increasing. Our digital forensics experts use cutting edge analytical software to enhance the quality of material required as evidence by police forces including enhancing vehicle and object images.

Another important part of the report to consider is the mention of local authorities. The commissioner states that local authorities need “to get a grip” of surveillance systems outside of town centre schemes. Local authorities are required to monitor the safety and security standards on their streets and estates, not simply town centres focused on reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in heavily pedestrianised areas. This goes back to our previous point that the overall importance of CCTV and video footage is on the increase.

Mr Porter is keen for strategic leadership to be implemented by authorities and businesses which will develop close working relationships in order to reduce costs, improve standards and build sustainable plans for the future.

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