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27 October 15

RapidHIT® ID System launched at 13th National Conference for Senior Investigating Officers

On 2nd November KFS will be launching the revolutionary RapidHIT® ID DNA profiling System to the Senior Investigating Officers Conference.

The RapidHIT® ID system, developed by IntegenX Inc. of California, is the world’s first DNA testing instrument that can be used in practically any location, generating DNA profiles in under 90 minutes which are compatible with the National DNA Database®.

The theme of the National Conference for Senior Investigating Officers is The Investigative Journey which will be covered through a series of case study based discussions. Forensic DNA evidence is an integral part of the criminal investigative journey which continues to grow in importance. With the launch of RapidHIT® ID at this year’s conference, the role of DNA evidence in the investigative process takes  another revolutionary step towards incorporating technology into the criminal investigations.

The annual conference brings together experts from the field of criminal investigation and will be covering a broad range of topics, sharing knowledge and best practice.

This provides the perfect environment  to demonstrate the potential that RapidHIT® ID presents in delivering rapid DNA  results that greatly aid the investigative process.

This technology takes the original RapidHIT® system, which was accredited earlier this year, to another level providing even greater portability making it easier and simpler to use than its predecessor.

RapidHIT® ID has integrated touchscreen technology with fingerprint and facial recognition ensuring that the instrument is secure. RapidHIT® ID requires less than 1 minute of hands-on time when processing DNA samples; 250 samples can be processed using one cartridge providing a cost effective tool that can’t be matched.

Are you interested in finding out how RapidHIT® ID can revolutionise the criminal investigation field? Visit our stand at the National Conference for Senior Investigating Officers from 2nd – 4th November. 

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