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RapidHIT DNA has revolutionised the DNA Testing Process

19 May 17

RapidHIT DNA has revolutionised the DNA Testing Process

Police forces can now process a suspect’s DNA and search it against the National DNA Database in under 90 minutes whilst they are in custody, thanks to RapidHIT DNA technology, provided by Key Forensic Services.

Searching a suspect’s DNA against known offenders and outstanding crimes on the National DNA Database is of critical importance to an investigation.  

Police have 24 hours to charge or release a suspect and the majority of the time this is not long enough to take a suspect’s DNA sample and get it analysed before they are free to leave the police station.

BUT this cutting edge system makes DNA processing faster and easier than ever before. DNA samples can be taken, processed and searched against the National DNA Database right there and then from within the custody suite.

The technology is completely self-contained, is the size of a desktop PC and requires no specialist environment or scientific skills to operate it.

We have been developing the exciting and transformational technology for four years with manufacturer IntegenX based in the US. It is only now that this technology can be used to fight crime as it is now fast enough and robust enough to be used by police forces across the country.

It is reported that there are 180 crimes a day committed and the suspects held on bail. RapidHIT DNA can revolutionise these rates.

In theory, we no longer need to bail anyone ever again.  They will be able to be exonerated or associated with a crime in a matter of minutes! Importantly if they ARE a criminal they will not be freed on bail to potentially commit further crimes. 

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