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11 August 15

RapidHIT® accredited to upload DNA profiles to the National DNA Database®.

Key Forensic Services (KFS) has become the world’s first forensic organisation to obtain ISO17025 accreditation for the revolutionary DNA profiling device, RapidHIT® and has begun loading DNA profiles generated by the device to the National DNA Database® (NDNAD).

This means that KFS is now offering its police customers a same day DNA profiling service for the processing of mouth swab samples taken from arrestees.

KFS is the first forensic service provider in the world to offer this service routinely, enabling police forces to check an arrestee against the NDNAD on the day of the arrest, before the force is required to release them on bail (with the possibility that they may abscond or re-offend).

The RapidHIT® system, developed by IntegenX Inc. in California, takes approximately two hours to produce a DNA profile, which is a radical reduction of the time taken using traditional DNA processing techniques in a laboratory environment.

Commenting on the introduction of the new same day DNA service, Norman Stringer, Forensic Contracts and Submissions Manager for Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire said:  “ I am pleased to see that KFS is now offering this service and it represents a big step forward for the use of DNA technology in the fight against crime. I look forward to the opportunity of utilising the service and to feeling the full impact of the technology in our day to day investigations.

Says KFS Group Managing Director Paul Hackett: “This new, same day DNA profiling service turns what was previously considered a premium or urgent service into the routine. KFS leads the way in rapid DNA profiling and now offers a same day service as standard. The era of waiting days for DNA results is over. While you wait DNA is here, right now and KFS is delivering this service as standard to all of its existing customers.

Paul continues: “KFS is leading the way into the future of DNA profiling. In a few years time, the majority of DNA testing will be done away from a traditional forensic laboratory in real time and like fingerprinting, 10 years ago, will become a routine biometric tool in the arsenal of law enforcement. Identity checks using DNA will be carried out alongside fingerprinting as a matter of routine. KFS is proud to be driving a paradigm shift in DNA profiling terms, for the benefit of law enforcement and law-abiding citizens of the UK.

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