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28 February 17

Rapid DNA Cartridge for Trace DNA -First in the UK

KFS police customers will benefit from new RapidHIT Cartridge.

KFS’s strategic partner IntegenX Inc., has announced the introduction of the RapidHIT EXT cartridge: rapid, highly-sensitive consumable technology for use with DNA which has been extracted and quantified and is therefore ideal for processing crime stains.

The new EXT cartridge has the ability to generate DNA profiles from samples containing as little as 50 picograms of DNA, making it one of the most sensitive and fastest forensic DNA systems available.

The RapidHIT system launched in the UK by KFS in 2015, uses leading, industry-standard chemistries and software. The fully automated design also incorporates numerous efficiencies that make DNA profile generation seamless and faster than ever.

KFS will be the first forensic company outside of the USA to begin testing the RapidHIT EXT cartridge. Commenting on this development, KFS Group Managing Director Paul Hackett said: ‘We’re excited to begin our validation of such a unique product and I know that when we are able to offer this service via our own laboratories, our customers will benefit from the RapidHIT technology’s speed, coupled with the forensic potential of low level DNA samples such as contact traces (Touch DNA). We aim to have this new service accredited and available to police customers later this year’.

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