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18 May 16

Rapid DNA 2015 Act moves a step closer in United States

Rapid DNA legislation in the United States has taken another step closer recently after the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously agreed on the content of the Rapid DNA Act of 2015.

The Rapid DNA Act of 2015 will allow DNA profiles to be loaded to the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS).

This also comes after two letters recommending the passing of the act into law by the National Association of Police Organisations (NAPO) and National Fraternal Order of Police (NFOP).

NAPO is a coalition of police unions and associations from across the United States. In their letter they state that science and technology has allowed both state and local law enforcement to use DNA evidence in their investigations but the time constraints are now an important issue. They point out that current methods take weeks or even months due to backlogs.

In the letter from NFOP, they point out the benefits of using Rapid DNA to inform decisions about pre-trial release or detention conditions as well as preventing crime. They point out that the use of Rapid DNA will prevent backlogs. NFOP state that the current law restricting access to FBI’s CODIS to DNA records is out-of-date and needs to reflect changes to DNA testing and advances in forensic science.

There have now been a total of 12 letters of support from a broad spectrum of police and security organisations and associations.

With the Senate Judiciary Committee agreeing the content of the Rapid DNA Act of 2015 it will now be presented to the Senate to vote on. If there is a vote to pass the bill there will only be a few more steps before the act is enshrined in American law.

This will then allow the technology developed by IntegenX to be used by law enforcement agencies to significantly improve the speed in which DNA profiles can be produced helping to exonerate suspects and quicken up the justice process. 

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