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04 December 15

Rapid DNA Testing Bill entered to US Senate

The Rapid DNA Act of 2015 has been entered to the Senate in order to establish a Rapid DNA system that can be used by law enforcement agencies in the United States of America.


Rapid DNA testing technology provides law enforcement agencies at local, regional and national level with an array of benefits to combat crime and improve efficiencies. We have seen this first hand in the UK with our UKAS accredited rapid DNA service earlier this year and now we are seeing a similar move in the US.


The aim of the bill is to enable state and local law enforcement agencies to perform rapid DNA analysis on suspects which meet legal guidelines which can then be used as evidence in a court of law. If the Bill is passed it will help to reduce crime, , identify offenders while they are still in custody, exonerate the innocent from enquiries, clear the backlog of forensic samples by freeing up resources in the lab

This will revolutionise the way in which DNA evidence is used in the US, helping to reduce costs and significantly improve performance during investigations. IntegenX, who have developed two RapidHIT® DNA instruments, have been at the forefront of Rapid DNA technology and have produced technological solutions which align with criminal justice guidelines. 






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US Police Departments are now realising the full benefits of RapidHIT® technology.

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