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28 November 16

Op. Nebraska Combination of evidence types used to bring about conviction of murderer

Barmaid India Chipchase was found deceased and fully clothed in the first floor front bedroom of the home address of suspect Edward Tenniswood.

Her body was laid out fully clothed on a plastic covered mattress with a bed sheet covering her body. Her head was uncovered. Her shoes had been removed.

India had sustained blunt force trauma to her head, face, hands, arms and legs and, she had scratches to her neck, face and arms. The post mortem concluded strangulation as the cause of death.

When interviewed by Northamptonshire Police, suspect Edward Tenniswood initially declined to give any account or any connection with Ms Chipchase or the scene. He had apparent scratch marks to his neck, forehead, left leg and right forearm.

Key Forensic Services was called upon to help with reconstructing the events leading to the death of Ms Chipchase.

In doing so the following exhibits were examined:

India Chipchase’s fingernail clippings were examined for blood/DNA and blood was found on the right hand, producing a mixture of DNA matching Chipchase and Tenniswood’s profiles.

India Chipchase’s vaginal swabs were examined and semen was found to be present on all of the swabs. Semen from high vaginal swabs matched Tenniswood.

Glove from the scene- was examined for blood and wearer’s DNA- A full profile from blood matching India Chipchase on the outside. A Major profile from cellular material on the inside matching Edward Tenniswood.

Mr Tenniswood later provided a version of the events (after the pathologists and Forensics findings). His version of the events was that consensual intercourse had taken place between them and he stated that India Chipchase had asked him to apply pressure to her neck and he went too far and, that he accidentally strangled her.

As a result of this compelling forensic evidence, Edward Tenniswood was found guilty of murder and rape and received a life sentence.

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