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17 June 15

KFS steps in to help Swedish Authorities

Forensic DNA evidence from a high-profile murder case in Sweden has been submitted to us for a second opinion. The original analysis in Sweden determined that blood found at a murder scene in 2011 was probably  from an animal. When the case came up for appeal recently, the Swedish Police asked KFS to undertake an independent, re-examination of the evidence.

Investigators from the Swedish Police had such strong suspicions, that they flew over to the UK and hand-delivered the evidence to KFS. Steve Harrington, Senior Biologist, examined the physical evidence taken from the crime scene and by painstakingly applying a series of sophisticated scientific techniques, was able to establish that there was a high concentration of DNA and that it was infact human, not animal. Furthermore, the blood was shown to match the deceased’s reference DNA profile.

The case involves the mysterious disappearance of 62-year old Swedish millionaire businessman, Goran Lundblad from his home in Kalmar in the south of the country. Reported missing by his daughter and her boyfriend, (Sara Lundblad and Martin Tornblad) his body was eventually found in remote woodland.

Motivated by the prospect of a significant inheritance, both were found guilty of his murder and each were sentenced to 18 years imprisonment.

Following the presentation of this evidence in court the conviction of the pair was upheld.

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