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30 September 15

Key Forensic Services Announces Purchase of the First RapidHIT® ID Next Generation Human DNA Identification System

Key Forensics Services Ltd (KFS), the exclusive provider of the RapidHIT® System to police and other law enforcement agencies in the UK, is to be the first organization in the world to take receipt of the new RapidHIT ID from IntegenX. The multi-unit purchase will enable KFS to offer the second-generation rapid DNA instrument and disposable cartridge system to all its customers. KFS will validate and accredit the RapidHIT ID System thus introducing an additional platform for fast human identification services to police forces in the UK. 

The RapidHIT ID is designed for ease of use, and with a footprint approximately 25% of the size of the original RapidHIT System, the RapidHIT ID system can be utilised in any location. The RapidHIT ID uses leading industry-standard chemistries and generates DNA profiles that are compatible with UK National DNA Database. The significant advances in cartridge and instrument design also incorporate numerous efficiencies that make forensic profiling faster and easier than ever, as well as having the potential to be more cost-effective. This should further enable rapid DNA testing to move closer to facilities such custody suites.                                                                                                                            

“This is another seismic shift in rapid DNA technology. The smaller, faster and more cost-effective RH-ID system will deliver significant benefits to the UK Criminal Justice System by enabling samples taken from arrestees to be searched against the NDNAD before they are released from custody. The cost savings to the UK CJS as a whole may be, at this stage difficult to quantify, but common sense tells us they will be very substantial indeed. In times of austerity this is the type of transformational technology that government, police forces and other law enforcement organisations should be grabbing with both hands.” Said Paul Hackett, KFS Managing Director.

“The IntegenX team is excited to advance our partnership with KFS,” stated Robert Schueren, President and Chief Executive Officer of IntegenX. “We are delighted to continue to partner with KFS as they provide an additional capability for UK custody suites, as well as other Rapid DNA applications.”

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