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GCC DNA Symposium, Abu Dhabi – 14th-16th November

11 October 17

GCC DNA Symposium, Abu Dhabi – 14th-16th November

At the GCC DNA Symposium next month in Abu Dhabi, innovative and cutting edge forensic science technology will be the centre piece of the conference.

Interactive workshops discussing the future of forensic science and the impact on criminal investigations will help to shape how criminal investigation will look in the years to come.

We have been invited to the conference where we will be introducing the Rapid DNA profiling solutions to the GCC, showcasing the RapidHIT DNA testing instruments developed by IntegenX.

Rapid DNA has transformed DNA profiling into a process that takes minutes instead of days, providing massive benefits to those investigating crime.


Rapid DNA Profiling Solutions

Rapid DNA profiling provides a flexible solution to processing DNA in any given location, either in a laboratory, office or in a vehicle. The equipment can be used in isolation or part of a fully integrated network creating a multi-instrument infrastructure.

Using remote monitoring systems, a network of instruments can be used across a wide geographical location, providing investigators with the ability to monitor and process DNA evidence to generate DNA profiles seamlessly within a rapid turnaround time,   hugely shortening the traditional process of profiling DNA evidence in forensic laboratories.


Three key aspects to Rapid DNA profiling –


1.    Set-up

Rapid DNA testing instruments do not require a dedicated DNA clean laboratory to profile evidence. By using sealed cartridges supplied with the instrument, the risk in contamination is removed.

Both instruments require minimal installation time and can simply be plugged into a power point and be ready for immediate use.

The technology has been designed for international use, therefore both instruments can be deployed anywhere across the globe without requiring specific software or calibration.

The printer sized equipment is compact further simplifying set-up and use as it does not require a large footprint.


2.    Operate

Intuitive technology has been developed with simplicity at the forefront, therefore minimal training is needed and non-scientific staff can easily operate the instruments.

STR chemistries used in the profiling instruments are to a global standard allowing them to be deployed across the world.

With security being a key concern, facial and fingerprint recognition are two key security features incorporated into the operation of the instruments alongside a simple, intuitive touchscreen interface.


3.    Move

The technology is suitable for all profiling applications including suspect and victim identification, border control, Disaster Victim Identification, battlefield identification and covert operations.

The simplicity in terms of set-up and size of both of the instrument allows the flexibility of them to be used in a number of locations. They can be installed in a vehicle for use at point-of-action, in a laboratory, office or central investigation location.

There is no need to transport DNA samples to a central location or laboratory – saving valuable time.  


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