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16 February 17

KFS Forensic Document Examiner appears on BBC Radio 4 with Stephen Fry

Earlier this month Kate Barr, KFS Forensic Document Examiner, appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Fry’s English Delight with Stephen Fry as part of an episode called “Let’s get Physical”

With nearly 25 years’ experience examining questioned documents, Kate has given evidence at The International Criminal Court in The Hague on the Srebrenica Massacre as well as examining documents from a wide range of crimes.


When Kate is examining a questioned document she is focusing on how the pen has moved across the paper to form the characters.

She goes into more detail as to what she is looking for, providing an example of a way one person may construct a capital ‘E’ compared to another person. The objective for Kate is to scrutinise a specimen document and a questioned document in order to see if there is match between the writer and the writing.

The segment on ‘What does your handwriting say about you?’ focused on the question of whether someone’s personality can be derived from a written document. 

Kate explained that there is no scientific evidence to support theories that handwriting may provide an insight into an individual’s personality.

You can potentially glean a broad indication of someone’s age and where they may have been taught to write, but you aren’t able to link writing to an individual’s characteristics. 

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