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04 July 16

KFS Forensic Document Examiner provides critical evidence in Swansea Murder trial

In June, Hannah Pocock, KFS Forensic Document Examiner, provided evidence at Swansea Crown Court helping to secure the conviction of David Craig Ellis for the murder of his landlord, Alec Warburton.

Ellis had admitted manslaughter of Alec Warburton during a row over unpaid rent but had denied murder. Ellis had disposed of Warburton’s body in a North Wales quarry before fleeing to Ireland.

During the investigation police found a forged letter appearing to come from Warburton which was sent to his tenants informing them to pay their rent to Ellis.

Hannah Pocock assisted South Wales Police with the forensic examination of the letter to establish how the document had been printed. Hannah was able to provide conclusive evidence that the forged letter had been produced using a printer in Swansea Library which had been accessed by Ellis’ account.

Whilst giving evidence in the trial, she described how certain models of laser printers produce a unique yellow dot pattern which can aid in linking a document to a specific printer.

The evidence Hannah was able to provide helped to prove that there was an intent to murder Warburton. Ellis, whilst giving his own his evidence subsequently admitted to having created the forged letter.

“This examination differed from our usual handwriting and signature cases. It highlights the variety of examinations that the Forensic Document Examination Team at KFS can conduct. This particular examination subsequently led to providing key evidence in a brutal murder trial. From a personal perspective it was a very satisfying case to have been involved in."  – Hannah Pocock, Forensic Document Examiner

Ellis has been sentenced to serve a minimum of 26 years in prison.

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