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27 March 15

KFS plays an important role in Drug smuggling Conviction

KFS played a major role in examining the drugs involved in a drug smuggling case which was featured in the Daily Mail recently. The case saw the conviction of two individuals for smuggling cocaine into the UK. A quantity of drugs was found concealed in the bra of one of the female smugglers, Nola Williams.

Williams and Raymond Goodison were intercepted by police after landing at Gatwick Airport from Kingston, Jamaica, last January. During a strip search at the airport, Border Control Officers found cocaine stitched into the inside of Williams’ bra.

KFS were asked to examine the substance and provide evidence in the case. The Head of KFS Drugs team, Fraser Johnston, told the court, in a statement, that he had been asked to examine the bra ‘which weighed 1142 grams’. The statement went on to say that ‘Inside the bra there were two plastic bags holding white powder, which was tested and found to contain cocaine’.

The powder weighed 973 grams, was found to have a purity of 71 per cent, and had an estimated street value of £180,000.

Both defendants were found guilty during the trial at Croydon Crown Court. Raymond Goodison, who has previous convictions for drug offences, was sentenced to 13 years in his absence as he absconded whilst on bail.

Nola Williams, who was carrying the substance, is awaiting sentencing as the judge is looking further into her claim that she was the victim of human trafficking. 

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