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02 May 14

What samples are used for DNA Paternity Testing?

Do I need to provide a blood sample for DNA Paternity Testing?

Absolutely not ! Blood is no longer used for DNA Paternity Tests, as taking blood is invasive and impractical / hazardous to send through the post to the Relationship Testing laboratory.

So how do I collect the DNA samples for my Paternity Test?

All DNA Paternity Testing laboratories will ask you to take a sample yourself, using a mouth swab, often known as a ‘buccal swab’. It is extremely simple to use and completely painless. All you need to do is wipe the mouth swab around the inside of your cheeks, pressing firmly as you do so. It is best to wipe about 6 times on the inside of each cheek. The swab must then be put straight into the collection tube without touching it with your fingers. The tube should be clicked shut and then put into the clear plastic bag supplied. Once you have collected your own DNA samples, you then send them off to the DNA Paternity Testing lab for testing. Collecting DNA samples in this manner is easy and completely pain-free. DNA Paternity Testing is accurate and a reliable means of determining family relationships.

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