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13 October 15

Another Milestone in DNA Profiling History - 500 ‘same day’ DNA profiles loaded to National DNA Database®

Key Forensic’s recently accredited, ground-breaking DNA profiling service hit another milestone this week, when the 500th DNA profile generated using the revolutionary RapidHIT technology, was loaded to the National DNA Database® (NDNAD).

Since late August, KFS has routinely been offering its police customers a unique same day service for the processing of samples taken from persons arrested and is the first forensic service provider in the world to offer this service, enabling police forces to check an arrestee against the NDNAD on the day of the arrest.

This same day service, now a routine offering from KFS, transforms the previous standard service offering of 3-4 days. RapidHIT DNA

“ What used to be considered an urgent or premium service has become KFS business as usual.” Said KFS Group Managing Director Paul Hackett. “We aim to offer the most competitive and responsive DNA service in the world and today KFS sets a new benchmark in DNA timeliness terms.”

In a recent initiative, the same day service has been used by 7 Police forces to process PACE samples (DNA samples taken from persons arrested and searched against the National DNA Database®). 

The 7 participating forces generated a total of 17 PACE matches against the National DNA Database®, of which 6 were for theft, 5 for burglaries (+1 aggravated), 2 for traffic offences, 2 for criminal damage and 1 serious crime.

This shows the true power of same day DNA testing, allowing DNA evidence to be processed and a result generated before a suspect is required to be released under the PACE legislation (release in 24 hours if not charged).

Commenting on the same day service, Lisa Lee from Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate, said:.

‘This same day DNA service offered by KFS has provided a great opportunity for forensic services to further support police investigations in a very timely manner. In the past we have battled against the PACE clock to get a quick DNA result to assist the decision making in respect of the arrestee. This time pressure is removed with this same day service and enables more effective direction of investigative resources based on the results achieved. ‘

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