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14 July 16

Rapid DNA Bill reaches the House Floor in United States

The Rapid DNA Bill in United States has moved another step forward and has advanced to the House Floor after being unanimously approved by the Senate in June.

The introduction of the Bill will allow police officers to process DNA samples using the Rapid DNA technology which will produce results in under two hours.

Currently, DNA material collected from suspects is processed by forensic scientists and loaded to the FBI’s DNA database, this process can take a number of days if not weeks. By allowing police officers across the United States to process samples using printer sized devices either at booking suites or at the scene, the authorities will be able to exonerate suspects from enquiries within a number of hours.

Committee ranking Democrat, John Conyers is quoted on the Nextgov website saying that the bill will have “real-world consequences” as it will free up forensic scientists to clear backlogs as well as speeding up criminal investigations.

We have worked alongside IntegenX to develop the RapidHIT DNA profiling technology which is accredited in the UK by UKAS to load samples to the National DNA Database for our police force clients. Since the accreditation and launch in 2015, our police force clients have been able to experience the benefits of using 21st century DNA technology and continue to do so on a daily basis.

The news of the Rapid DNA Bill in the United States reaching the House Floor is another step towards to US realising the benefits of rapid DNA testing. 



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