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19 September 13

Digital Forensics Team Biggest Ever Case

Operation Bachelor was the largest and most complex case that the KFS Digital Forensics Team has ever worked on.

The investigation undertaken by Lincolnshire Police, involved the brutal torture and killing of a 70-year old member of the Travelling Community, Sonny Grey.

Grey was known to conceal considerable amounts of cash in his home, in support of his business activities. He died as a result of a sustained beating and the administration of boiling water in an attempt by attackers Rocky Curtis and Robert Holmes to find and steal his money.

There was no traditional forensic evidence to connect either Curtis or Holmes to the crime. There was however, extensive CCTV footage which captured the movements of the defendants in the hours before and after the attack. CCTV analysis was therefore the primary forensic evidence and was pivotal in the Prosecution case.

Our team of expert video analysts examined over 30 exhibits comprising hundreds of hours of CCTV footage from many different types of media ; CDs, data DVDs, DVDs, USB Drives, Hard drives and Digital Video Recorders.

Team members Steve Lamb and Jake Blythe received glowing commendations and personal thanks from the Lincolnshire Police OIC who spent almost 16 months working on the case.

Robert Holmes and Rocky Curtis were jailed for life murdering and torturing Sonny Grey.


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