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17 December 15


In the early morning of the 23rd June 2015, members of the public reported to Thames Valley Police a body found in a lay-by off A413 Denham, Buckinghamshire. The body was later identified as being that of  Anita Kapoor.

Enquiries established that a few hours earlier, the boyfriend of Ms Kapoor had reported her missing to the Metropolitan Police from the Southall area. He last made contact with her via mobile phone whilst she was at Lombard Retail Park, Southall.

Thames Valley Police enquiries identified that a red Nissan Micra was recorded by a private ANPR system entering and leaving the Lombard Retail Park around that time.

Further investigations identified that Mr Navin Mohan had used an ATM on the Lombard Retail Park around the same time and it was also determined that Mr Mohan was the registered keeper of the red Nissan Micra recorded by the ANPR system.

Officers from TVP then set about the painstaking task of recovering CCTV from a large geographical area (spanning over 27 miles) in an effort to track the red Nissan Micra to determine its movements and this evidence was pivotal to the case.

By using information taken from a number of ANPR cameras, together with recovered CCTV and phone and Cell site data, Thames Valley Police were able to track the questioned Vehicle from the Lombard Retail Park to the lay-by off the A413 where the body of Anita Kapoor was found and then back to an area close to Mr Mohan’s home address.

A case against Mohan soon began to build and after spending many hours finding, collecting and viewing the CCTV the recovered footage was submitted to Key Forensics for further analysis.

The Digital Team were asked to undertake an in-depth analysis of the footage to determine whether:

The vehicle seen at each of the locations in the CCTV footage was one and the same vehicle.

The vehicle seen at each of the locations in the CCTV footage and the red Nissan Micra belonging to Mohan were one and the same vehicle.

Reporting Manager Steven Lamb and the Digital Team set to work on analysing the large amount of recovered CCTV footage and produced image analysis and comparison charts in response to the questions they were asked to consider.

Some examples of the analysis are shown below:

Map showing ANPR and CCTV sighting locations of the red Nissan Micra travelling around West London



Observations made of the red Nissan Micra showing both Class and Unique Characteristics



Comparison of questioned Vehicle with the seized Nissan Micra.

The analysis work undertaken by the Digital Team formed part of the CCTV evidence produced by TVP and this evidence together with other forensic, intelligence, phone, cell site, witness and ANPR evidence, formed part of a compelling case against Mohan.

On 7th December 2015 at Reading Crown Court Mohan was found guilty of murder and was sentenced to Life imprisonment with a minimum tariff of 22 years.

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