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Development of Rapid DNA Reaches Another Significant Milestone

18 January 18

Development of Rapid DNA Reaches Another Significant Milestone

Key Forensic Services (KFS) has received ISO17025 accreditation for use of the RapidHIT ID rapid DNA instrument from its Norwich based Forensic Science Laboratory. This is the first time this new, highly streamlined technology has received such approval. This achievement marks yet another important chapter in the development of the rapid DNA technology, which now makes the production of a DNA profile in 82 minutes the new world standard and the benchmark by which all future DNA technology will now be measured.

Working closely with instrument manufacturer IntegenX Inc. of California, KFS continues to break new ground in the validation and implementation of RapidHIT instruments and in meeting the stringent and exacting requirements for accreditation to the ISO17025 quality standard.

KFS fully maximises the use of the IntegenX Rapid DNA technology within its own forensic laboratories, offering its customers an unrivalled 82 minutes turnaround time for reference (buccal) samples. The UK Police Service is also recognising the unprecedented advantages of deploying the RapidHIT ID instruments in custody suites, where it offers officers on the ground the means to easily associate or eliminate a suspect with a crime before the PACE clock requires them to be released (with the potential to re-offend).

KFS continues to work with multiple agencies in the UK and internationally to ensure the transformational opportunities of rapid DNA technology are maximised and in doing so, to completely revolutionise the investigative process.

Turning to the future, Key Forensic Services Group Managing Director Paul Hackett said "Working with our partner IntegenX we have achieved yet another step change in speed and cost with the RapidHIT ID. As little as five years ago it would have been hard to believe that something as small and simple to use as the RapidHIT ID would replace an entire DNA laboratory and deliver DNA profiling results from virtually any location in under 90 minutes. This transformational technology has huge potential and we are looking very closely at applications beyond policing, including the use in 'while you wait' DNA Paternity tests and the use by Border Control agencies, both here and internationally."

Commenting on the achievement IntegenX Inc. CEO Robert A. Schueren said 'I am delighted that KFS has achieved the ISO accreditation for use of the ID gaining further accolades and credibility in the UK forensic market. This milestone will ultimately contribute to greater public safety across the UK and we are proud to be a part of it.'

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