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RapidHIT DNA helps Cumberland County investigators solve murder case

28 November 17

RapidHIT DNA helps Cumberland County investigators solve murder case

Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, now has the ability to solve crimes faster thanks to the adoption of the RapidHIT DNA technology developed by IntegenX.

Law Enforcement successfully identified a wanted suspect in a shooting investigation within the first week of using the innovative technology.

When samples are sent to laboratories it can take weeks and months to process the DNA samples using traditional profiling methods and those samples are often sent to laboratories outside the local area. This can both be a costly exercise and delay investigations allowing suspects to abscond or reoffend.

Using the RapidHIT DNA instrument, Law Enforcement in Cumberland County can process samples in their offices and receive results within a matter of minutes not hours. The revolutionary technology effectively speeds up the process saving crucial time and money during investigations.

Rapid DNA also allows Law Enforcement to quickly eliminate innocent suspects from investigations, match suspects to previous unsolved crimes as well as providing evidence to expedite the arrest of suspects quicker than ever before.

Rapid DNA is increasingly becoming an essential tool for police officers and law enforcement agencies in their day-to-day work investigating crimes.

Cumberland County plans to use the RapidHIT DNA technology in a variety of cases in the future in their battle against crime in Pennsylvania.




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