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26 October 14

New Autumn CPD Training Courses

New Autumn CPD Training Courses, available now:

General Forensic Awareness
An overview of the commonly-encountered forensic evidence types and what should be considered when evaluating a crime-scene.

Questioned Document Examination
What can and can’t be achieved when comparing handwriting and signatures. What to consider when reviewing documents and what specimens are best being gathered.

The Value of Forensic Evidence in the Criminal Justice System – A Biology Perspective
This covers the types of biological evidence ie: blood spatter, saliva, DNA and what DNA can be found in, as well as some case examples and what can be determined by the evidence shown in these examples.

Blood Pattern Analysis
An overview of identification, preservation and interpretation of BPA.

An Awareness of Firearms and Ammunition and their Forensic Value in Criminal Cases
An overview of the different types of firearms and ammunition and the law surrounding antique weapons.

DNA 17 –The Impact of the new DNA chemistry for Investigators and Defence Lawyers
The new chemistry used in DNA profiling that is much more sensitive than the current chemistry and allows DNA to be profiled from samples that would have failed in the past.

For more information or to book a CPD Training Course for your team please call 07792 268525 or email

Please note this training is only available for law enforcement professionals or criminal / civil lawyers, it is not available for members of the general public.



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