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26 March 16

KFS Exhibiting RapidHIT® ID at LAAD Security Conference in Brazil

In April, we will be exhibiting the RapidHIT® ID rapid DNA instrument at the LAAD Security Conference in Brazil.

From 12th -14th April, the RapidHIT® ID DNA instrument will be making its debut at Brazil’s largest security conference, where Key Forensic Services will demonstrate how this innovative technology can help police and security authorities in Brazil and the rest of South America.

Designed by IntegenX in the USA, RapidHIT® ID is half the size and weight of an office printer and can process a DNA sample in under 90 minutes. In comparison to the conventional, laboratory-based DNA testing processes which we have used for decades in the UK and across the world, RapidHIT® ID is the biggest technological advancement the forensic science industry has seen yet. The typical forensic analysis of DNA samples currently can take 2-3 days before it can be used by police to identify or exonerate a suspect, RapidHIT® ID can radically reduce this timeframe down from days to hours.

RapidHIT® ID can be used in practically any location due to its size, this allows police and security authorities to take the laboratory to the crime scene. Once the technology is in place the fingerprint and facial recognition technology allows the instrument to be operated securely. It has been designed with user experience at the forefront of our thinking, the instrument requires less than 1 minute of hands on-time when processing a DNA sample. 

The DNA profiles that are generated by RapidHIT® ID are compatible with the National DNA Databases worldwide therefore they can be loaded to the database and used as evidence.

This technology helps police and security authorities to speed up their investigations, allowing them to rule out innocent suspects from their enquiries therefore saving valuable time. Secondly, the evidence produced by the RapidHIT ID can ensure that the offender is not given the opportunity to abscond whilst on bail and awaiting the DNA results to be returned.

We are looking forward to introducing the RapidHIT® ID System to Brazil at the LAAD Security Conference in April. The aim is to make delegates aware of the rapid DNA testing technology that is available today and the benefits that they can experience from adopting this disruptive technology.   

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