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26 April 16

DNA profiles now being produced in 90 minutes

Recent media coverage has highlighted the fact that in the Paternity Testing market some companies are offering a DNA result in 5 hours.

For some time now Key Forensic Services (KFS) has been providing its Police force customers with a DNA profile, taken from a suspect in 90 minutes

- A while you wait service ! which can even be taken to the crime scene.

Back in August 2015, KFS became the world’s first forensic organisation to obtain ISO17025 accreditation for the revolutionary DNA profiling device, RapidHIT® and began loading DNA profiles generated by the device to the National DNA Database® (NDNAD).

The very first reference sample generated by the RapidHIT® technology, a mere 36 hours after it was accredited to ISO17025, produced a match to DNA recovered from the victim of a serious sexual assault. 

With the PACE clock ticking, the suspect’s DNA sample was rushed to the KFS laboratory in Warrington, where, using the RapidHIT® instrument, we generated a profile in two hours. His DNA profile was compared against DNA obtained from intimate samples taken from the victim and was found to match. The suspect was charged and faced with this compelling forensic evidence, pleaded guilty to the serious sexual assault.

Thanks to our rapid DNA service, the offender was prevented from being released on bail, to possibly re-offend. He was sentenced to nine years’ imprisonment.

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US Police Departments are now realising the full benefits of RapidHIT® technology.

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