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Relationship Testing Services – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you need to take a DNA Test? Key Forensic Services offer a DNA testing service.

We do our very best to ensure you have all the information you need before taking your relationship tests. We really hope you’ll choose our friendly and professional services, so here are a few FAQs that our customers find helpful:

Key Forensic Services (KFS) are a private company providing various forensic, analytical services to customers in the UK and abroad.
We have laboratories up and down the UK to ensure we offer an efficient service to our customers.
Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) is the genetic code that gives us our physical characteristics and distinguishes us from one another. We inherit half our DNA from our mother and half from our father. This allows us to establish relationships through DNA tests.
You may be asked for a DNA test to prove your relationship to another person. You may need to show who your mother or father is, or you may need to confirm that siblings or grandparents are related to a child. A DNA test will help to address this question.
  • Parent - Child (mother, maternity and father, paternity)
  • Siblings
  • Half - siblings*
  • Aunt - Uncle*
  • Niece/Nephew*
  • Grandparent - Grandchild*
  • First cousins*
*For these relationships it may be necessary to test multiple individuals to improve the quality of your result.
No. If you choose KFS, we’ll provide your sample kits for you. We send them to the address you give us and you then make arrangements as to where you take your samples. If you request a peace of mind test, you can take your samples at home. If you need a legal or immigration test, you need to arrange to have your samples taken in the presence of a witness (often a GP, Nurse, Solicitor or Government Representative). They will advise where you need to go to have your samples taken.
If you need a legal or immigration test, you need to arrange to have your samples taken in the presence of a witness (often a GP, Nurse, Solicitor or Government Representative). They will advise where you need to go to have your samples taken.
You need a legal test if a court has ordered that a test must be undertaken to confirm a relationship. It’s usually under Section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969. You must have your samples witnessed by an independent person who has no interest in the outcome of your case (often a GP, Nurse, Solicitor or Government Representative).
The UK Border Agency (UKBA) or Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) may ask you to take a DNA test. If they do, they may state where the kits need to be sent as they need to witness them being taken. If you have a letter from UKBA or HMPO please send us a copy of this letter when you order your test. This will help us make sure we follow their exact instructions, so that your samples are processed and results sent to the right people at the right time. If your sample kits need to be sent outside of the UK, you will need to pay the postage costs.
Yes, Key Forensic Services are listed by the Ministry of Justice as an approved supplier for relationship testing services. We are also fully accredited, which gives you assurance in our processes. Our standards and processes are acceptable to the courts.
Yes, all of our relationship tests require a clear copy of either your Passport, Driving Licence or Birth Certificate for identification purposes. If you’re having a test for legal or immigration purposes, we also require the copy to be signed by an appropriate witness.
It’s really easy to provide your samples (taken from your mouth) and completely pain-free. In your kits you’ll find easy to read instructions and a video which will show you everything you need to know.
Tests can be conducted with a child of any age. A mother’s consent is required for any child under 16 years of age, with the exception of a court order where any person named on the birth certificate (we need a copy of the birth certificate).
Our process is UKAS ISO17025 accredited and DNA testing is widely accepted as being the most accurate identification test available (99.99% accurate). This means you can have absolute confidence in your results.
Once we’ve processed your samples, we send you a report with your results. Once your report has been provided, we destroy your samples.
Generally, we send you your results in 5 working days (after we receive your returned kit).
Results are only sent to the person named when the test is ordered.
Once we send you your sample kit, you have 3 months to return your samples to us. If you send them after three months, they won’t be processed (and you won’t be refunded).
You need a sample kit for each person who needs to take the test. If you need to demonstrate that a father and a child have that relationship; you need 2 kits. We can perform the test without the mother’s DNA sample, though it can often help if her sample is also taken. This is because the child inherits half of their DNA from their mother as well as their father, so having DNA profile their information helps us interpret and report your results as complete information is available.
Legal & Immigration Tests cost £128 per person. Each person who needs to prove a relationship needs a kit (two people, two kits, 2 X £128). For secondary relationships (eg) brother and sister, we may recommend further individuals be tested to improve the quality of your result. Your result is strengthened by adding people into the test (eg) a parent or additional sibling.

Our Home DNA Tests cost £114 including one father and one child. Any additional test is charged at £128 per person.
We aim to send you your sample kits either the same day – or the day after we receive your order.
KFS pays postage if you live in the UK. If you live outside the UK, you need to pay the postage for the country we need to dispatch to. If you’re outside the UK you need to pay for the sample kits to be sent to you and for you to return them to us.
Yes, you can. If you need a replacement kit before you send anything to us, well send them to you at a charge of £13.50 per kit.
We ask you not to eat, drink or chew gum for at least 20 minutes before you take your sample. This gives us the best opportunity to obtain a good DNA profile for you.
Our tests are very sensitive and in the majority of cases we do obtain DNA profiles. If we don’t obtain a profile from our first test, we will re-test your sample. If we don’t obtain a profile from the re-test, we will need you to provide new samples to proceed with the test. KFS will contact you if a re-test is required, (please note, you will be required to pay for any re-tests).
You can get a copy of your results as long as you request them within 12 months. After 12 months of issuing your results, we destroy the information we have for you. There is a charge of £20 for your replacement results.
Yes, you can. There is a cost of £20 for each additional report you need.
On some occasions the court, UKBA or HMPO may ask you to provide a technical bundle. This is a set of documents that offer additional information about the data we use to provide your result. If the authority needs this information you will need to ask us for it and it costs £72 per bundle.
We hold your details in our files for a period of 12 months after your report has been sent to you. After this time they are destroyed.
No, results will be sent to you when the test is purchased, unless you request us to do otherwise. The only exception to this is if your test is for immigration purposes and we are asked to provide results directly to them.
Yes, we do.