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Key Forensic Services offer a full range of DNA relationship testing services that are discrete and reliable.

All our DNA testing is quick, reliable, confidential and affordable. Get in touch with us today for a quote or for more information. Just call us on 01953 668669 or email us at

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You may have seen on television how quick and easy it can be to test for DNA, particularly when it comes to establishing the parentage of a child. That’s because it is – and it won’t cost the earth.

Any member of the public can instruct us to carry out a DNA test. Key Forensic Services have been leading the way for years to bring you quick and affordable DNA testing, which our expert scientists carry out in our own laboratories, situated across England.
We are sensitive to your needs, especially in cases involving disputed family relationships. We are confident we will deliver you the very best customer service, a high level of integrity and confidentiality, all backed by the latest scientific techniques.
Key Forensic Services is approved by the Ministry of Justice to carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts in England and Wales under Section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969.

How does our DNA Testing Service work?

If any of our tests are requested, we will perform all calculations for the two individuals in question. We will provide a report that ranks the above relationships in order of likelihood based upon a statistical evaluation of their profiles.

As relationships become more distant, such as with cousins, the probability of the evidence decreases, and the probability of non-relatedness increases. In these circumstances, it is often useful for us to test additional family members.

Legal, Court-Ordered and Immigration DNA Testing

KFS is approved to carry out legal or court-ordered DNA testing for members of the public, those working in the law profession or social workers, and our tests are fully accurate and confidential.

Key Forensic Services are listed by the Ministry of Justice as an approved supplier for DNA immigration testing services. We are fully accredited to ISO standard 17025, which gives you assurance in our processes

A legal DNA test is a straightforward test which can establish the parentage of a child or children. It is used when a court has ordered that a DNA paternity test must be undertaken.

Legal DNA testing is most likely to be carried out if you:

  • Need a legal DNA test for Child Support Agency (CSA) reasons
  • You want to change a birth certificate
  • You are a legal professional or social worker who needs a DNA test for a client

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Key Forensic Services work with immigration solicitors and their clients to provide the proof of biological relationships needed to satisfy the legal requirements of immigration into the UK.

Where required by the UK Visas and Immigration service, DNA analysis is 99.999% accurate in determining biological ties of family members to UK citizens who are sponsoring their immigration to the UK.

This establishment of biological relationships is needed to satisfy the requirements of the UK Border Agency, of Entry Clearance Officers (ECOs) at the British High Commission, British embassies, and the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND).

An immigration DNA test is provided to help determine a person or persons’ relationship with a family member who legally lives in the United Kingdom.

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All our DNA testing is quick, reliable, confidential and affordable. Get in touch with us today for a quote or for more information. Just call us on 01953 668669 or email us at