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Forensic Video and Image Analysis Services

Key Forensic Services offers a wide range of Forensic Image and Video Analysis services, from technical functions such as transcoding, enhancing, slowing and enlarging, to complex interpretive analysis such as reverse projection / reconstructions, height calculation and comparative analysis.

We provide a completely free-of-charge, no obligation pre-submission advice service including a preliminary review of the imagery evidence enabling us to offer advice around the options which are most likely to generate meaningful results and be most cost-effective and we will work with the Investigative Team offering assistance at every step.


All our experts are professionally trained and accredited by the Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Association (LEVA) having undergone formal and assessment. Our expert analysis will ensure your CCTV imagery achieves its full potential not only as an investigative tool, but also its full value before a jury.


Free Pre-submission Advice

We offer a completely free-of-charge no obligation pre-submission advice service. We can review your material to determine what can be done and help you decide how best to proceed.

Image enhancement

Transcoding Service

Many CCTV systems export footage in their own proprietary formats often making viewing the footage difficult. We are able to convert CCTV footage in to more easily playable format for review or to an uncompressed format so a more in-depth analysis can be performed. We can also capture and convert analogue formats such as VHS and Betamax in to a digital format.

Comparative Analysis

Our comparative analysis service involves the forensic analysis and comparison of images of questioned and known objects such as vehicles, clothing and weapons with expert opinion being provided on the findings.

Vehicle Comparison


Clothing and Object comparison

Facial Comparison

Our facial comparison service involves the rigorous comparison of two or more facial images using established techniques. Or experts are then able to provide opinion and the likelihood of those persons under examination being one and the same.

Data Recovery

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) byte-level-analysis and data recovery.


We can enhance, slow, enlarge and annotate video footage in order to give a clearer view of the events recorded. We are also able to track individuals through CCTV footage from one of many cameras helping to give context to events.


Height Calculation and Comparison

Using Reverse Projection Photogrammetry the heights of unknown persons recorded on CCTV footage can be determined.



Image and Video Authentication

Using our expertise and specialist software we are able to determine whether imagery or video has been tampered with, edited or manipulated in any way and whether it is an accurate reflection of the events recorded.


Evidence Presentation

The clear and effective presentation of evidence is key in any case. We specialise in all areas of evidence presentation from the production of high quality photographic exhibits to interactive presentations each tailored to the specific needs of the case.



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