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Major crime casework services

Key Forensic Services provides a full service to support the investigation of Major Crime, including scene attendance, search and recovery and forensic casework -blood spatter analysis, forensic biology, forensic chemistry, etc. For the most part casework services mainly draw upon forensic disciplines falling within our Biology area -chiefy the recovery and examination of body fluids including, blood, semen, faeces etc.

We have Major Incident Teams (MITs) at all of our locations, operating an on-call, 24-7 scene attendance service and providing forensic expertise and advice throughout the course of a major investigation.

Our forensic Major Incident Teams are hand-picked to provide the very best support and are all highly-experienced senior forensic practitioners, accustomed to dealing with multiple evidence types and the many priorities and complexities associated with high-profile enquiries.

Volume crime casework services

By definition 'Volume Crime' includes the majority of offences committed and as such have a significant impact on many victims. These crimes require an effective investigation forming a key part of the crime reduction strategy.

Key Forensic Services has dedicated multi discipline volume crime teams at its operational sites willing to provide customers with pre submission advice, case assessment and strategy guidance to ensure the forensic evidence obtained from the crime scene is optimised. Our two DNA profiling units support the investigations, providing a timely DNA service, reducing the time from offence to outcome, assisting wherever possible with suspect identification and the supply of intelligence information.



Sexual offences casework services

Key Forensic offers a one-stop Sexual Offence Service.

The one-stop service includes, scene attendance (24-7), advice on forensic strategy, all specialist and regular forensic laboratory services, case assessment, investigator training (and advice on best evidence recovery kits and packaging), a single point of contact throughout the life of the case and regular updating of the investigative team. In addition, we strongly believe in keeping the victim informed of the progression of the case, via the force investigative team. 


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