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Case Review

We offer a totally bespoke cold case review service for unsolved cold cases.


We utilise and have access to the latest forensic techniques to examine archived exhibits to obtain additional information which may be useful to a cold case review. For example, the latest Forensic DNA specialist services can be used to obtain DNA profiles where this has previously not been possible and can give a significant increase in the likelihood of obtaining a useful profile from extremely small amounts of cellular material. We are also able to examine and review original techniques, findings and conclusions in the cold case.

Our cold case review experts are well-versed in finding, recovering, analysing and interpreting forensic evidence from unsolved cold cases, many years after the crime occurred and after items had been examined by other forensic science providers.


They are able to offer advice on the likelihood of obtaining meaningful results from old or challenging material and in some circumstances, it may even be possible for them to re-examine and re-sample crime scenes, sometimes years after the crime.

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